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Hi, I’m Michelle. I’m a mother, wife and early childhood teacher living in the Kaimais and working in Tauranga. After breezing through my first pregnancy, I walked into my second with confidence. When this pregnancy ended in miscarriage at nine weeks, I was devastated. In a few short weeks, I had already planned out this baby’s entire future – just as quickly, it was all taken away.

Seeing my anguish and grief, my sister arranged a massage for me at Sanctum Beauty Therapy in Tauranga. When I left, a beautiful bouquet of flowers was waiting for me.

 I found the gentle and nurturing massage incredibly healing and the flowers acknowledged the realness of my loss. Wanting to help other women feel the same way, I reached out to local spas and florists and Massage after Miscarriage was born.

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It started small. First Sanctum Beauty Therapy got on board, generously donating one massage a month to a mum in need. Then we got a florist, Myrrh & Co, to donate a bouquet to be given after the massage. Soon, more and more spas and florists were involved.

Within three months, Massage after Miscarriage had helped over a dozen mums. Our sights were set on evolving into a nationwide charity with the goal of breaking the taboo of pregnancy loss while giving women the support, pampering and love they need during such a hard time.

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